Start Planning Now


Why Use PlanHuddle?


Planning for life goals

PlanHuddle is a great place outline a personal path for achieving long-term personal goals such as:

  • training your first marathon or triathlon

  • continued learning, like a new language or new skills

  • managing a career path

  • getting accepted to your ideal college

  • and more!


Project alignment

Organizes your projects in relation to your long-term plan to keeps your team focused on the projects that will move them closer to their shared goals. Through project-to-plan alignment you will quickly identify the "nice to have" or "shiny object" projects that are not directly contributing to your core goals


Online guidance

The embedded PlanHuddle help system is not simply an on-screen how-to reference like many applications. The PlanHuddle help system is a full collection of professional articles providing guidance on strategic business planning, project management, resource management, and step-by-step instructions.


Tracking team progress

Planhuddle includes online submission, management, and sharing of periodic status reports for each project. All team members will now have access to the latest updates for any project they wish to follow without the need to take everyone away from important work for regular staff meetings to communicate the latest updates


A strategy for your team

A place to record your organization's goals, objectives, and strategic plan in an outline form where your team can easily access and edit it. This helps keep everyone aligned to common goals, empowering each team member to make decisions and refer to the plan without second-guessing


Comment collaboration

Every plan, project, and status report includes an open comment section so team members can record their thoughts on changes to the plans, suggestions on project tasks, and provide feedback on project status updates